How to Choose Board Meeting Tools

Board meeting tools can simplify the process of organizing and increase decision-making speed to improve productivity. They centralize important documents and information into a secure database and offer a range of options that make it easier for boards to communicate, work together and share files. They have scheduling tools to automate invites to meetings and scheduling, a document center to organize and distribute the documents, and polling and surveys to gather feedback from members.

Video conferencing is another useful feature of a variety of board software programs. This lets your team remain in touch even if they aren’t physically together. If you choose to use video conferencing, make sure that the technology is reliable. You don’t want to have problems with sound or image quality, which could derail the effectiveness of your meetings.

Requesting a trial version or demo is a good method to test different software. This lets you get hands-on experience with the software and determine whether it’s the ideal fit for your organization. Find software that integrates with other tools, like agenda templates and calendar applications for board meetings.

Finally, make sure that the software you choose to use has robust security features. This is particularly important if you intend to use the software to record videoconferences. This will ensure that your meetings are private and aren’t accessed by eavesdroppers.

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